Team takes on Cross Vegas

Livermon claims his best World Cup result to date

LAS VEGAS – The Maxxis-Shimano team held its own during Cross Vegas, the first World Cup race of the 2016 season, on September 23rd. Travis Livermon had a career best World Cup finish, finishing 26th out of a highly competitive and international field. He was the second American to finish after Jeremy Powers. Danny Summerhill finished mid-field in 33rd place and Crystal Anthony ended up in 27th place.

In both the women’s and men’s World Cup races, the start saw a big pack of riders clumped together for a good amount of time before the toll of the velcro-like grass splintered the race into smaller groups. This year the course had several changes but still the standout features were the soul-sucking grass, multiple dismounts per lap, and steep punchy hills.


Summerhill and Livermon came directly from Trek CXC the weekend prior, while Anthony flew home to work her teaching job Monday and Tuesday before flying to Vegas on Tuesday night.

“Because of the tight turnaround to the Jingle Cross World Cup in Iowa, the team had minimal set up for Vegas and had to be a bit more intentional about planning,” Anthony said.

The day before the race, Summerhill and Anthony went to the morning pre-ride at 9 a.m. to check out the course and get their legs opened up. Some of the things they looked at were riding vs. running the four sets of stairs, lines around the fast grass corners and the new uphill sand pit. Livermon opted to stay back at the hotel to rest.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and making sure things were in order for the race. The Maxxis-Shimano mechanics made sure all the bikes were in order, and Anthony’s boyfriend ran errands to get ice socks in case of heat, pre and post race food and did some pre-race massage.

“One key thing for travel weekends is to find a way to preserve your healthy routine on the road,” Anthony said. “I brought my Ninja blender to be able to make smoothies, and located the local Whole Foods, which is kind of like my version of the Hard Rock Cafe that everyone likes to visit in whatever city they are in.”

At the race, the team used the Feedback Sports tent with neutral trainers to warm up, and got a couple laps in on the course. The local news channel came over to interview Anthony while she was warming up on the trainer. The reporter asked what the sport of cyclocross was about, why you need to warm up, and what the hardest part of training for the sport was.

“The atmosphere at Vegas is electric and one of the most well-attended CX race by spectators,” Anthony said. “One of the appealing things about having World Cups in the US are the fans, who will cheer for everyone and contribute so much energy to the event.”

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