Summerhill, Anthony take fourth at Charm City Cross


BALTIMORE, Md. – Team Maxxis-Shimano had another exciting weekend of racing in Baltimore, Maryland this past weekend, with Danny Summerhill and Crystal Anthony both claiming fourth place in their respective races.

On day 1, Summerhill took home sixth place in the C2 race. Stephen Hyde (Cannondale P/B Cyclocrossworld) was the winner on both day 1 and 2.

“It was an interesting weekend to say the least,” Summerhill said. “Two polar opposite days of racing, with slick and sloppy rain and mud conditions on Saturday.On Sunday there were gale force winds, warm temperatures and a dry course. I’m disappointed that I didn’t get on the podium, but wasn’t from lack of trying. I left it all out there and happy with how well our equipment performed.”

Livermon was aggressive early and got a small gap on the field. However, he called it quits after a trip to the pits that took longer than usual leaving him out of contention.

“It was super windy and a group of about ten riders stayed together for most of the race,” he said. “The last lap was a hard drag with not a lot of tactical riding.”

Anthony described Saturday’s course as having a great flow, allowing the riders to keep a good momentum and rhythm. During the race, Anthony had a good start and ended up in a battle for fourth with her friend, Caroline Mani.

“One of the great things I love about cross is that we can have intense battles on the course with each other but be great friends off the course,” Anthony said. “She put in a big effort with two laps to go that I couldn’t match and finished fifth.”

The next day there was confusion at the start after a spectator blew a whistle right before the officials did. Anthony was caught behind a huge amount of traffic and couldn’t get back into contention. She finished in 26th place while Katie Compton (KFC Racing) took the win.

The next race on tap is CRAFT SPORTSWEAR Grand Prix of Gloucester onOctober 15-16.

“(Gloucester) is another iconic race in the U.S.,” says Livermon. “It may seem crazy but I’m hoping for rain this year. It’s been dry and dusty every time I’ve raced it and those conditions are very hard to deal with. But either way, I’m looking forward to spending time at the awesome venue.”

Summerhill claims podium spot at KMC Cross Fest

THOMPSON, Conn. – The Maxxis-Shimano Cyclocross Team claimed top 10 finishes across the board over two days of racing at the KMC Cross Festival in Thompson, Connecticut last weekend (Oct 2-3). Best placed was Danny Summerhill, who took third after Sunday’s C2 race.

During Saturday’s C1 pro women’s race, Anthony blew out of the gates in the top 10 and passed several riders by the time she arrived at the technical sections. She then battled with Caroline Mani (Raleigh Clement), who she gapped on the third lap in the same technical section and held her off to the line to claim sixth place. Katie Compton (KFC Racing) claimed first place.

“The mud that was more slick than sticky, and the course had some long pavement sections with barriers and tight turns, then some off camber and steep pitch sections that required good bike handling skills,” Anthony said. “It suited me.”

In the men’s race, Summerhill shot off the line and nabbed the hole shot. He led the field through the first off-road section and into the pavement, but unfortunately suffered a crash that left him in 12th place. His teammate, Livermon, worked his way up from the top 10 and battled for a well-earned fifth place. Stephen Hyde was the eventual winner.

On the second day the course was a bit drier, but some muddy spots remained. The technical sections were reversed so the Maxxis-Shimano team had a testing sand run up and tricky off-camber descents to negotiate. The road sections were even faster on Sunday for the C2 race, which led to some tactical group racing.

Like the day before, Anthony had a good start, earning the hole shot for part of the first lap.

“I may have given a little too much pulling for much of the road section, so I lost contact with the lead group after some attacks went,” Anthony said.

Katie Compton overcame a missed pedal at the start and eventually pulled away from the rest of the field to win the race. Mani followed, then Rebecca Fahringer (Amy D Foundation) and Emma White (Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld). Anthony ended up in a battle with Courtenay McFadden and Amanda Miller. Anthony and Miller gapped McFadden after the second sand run-up and went back and forth until the final lap, when a minor falter caused Anthony to lose contact with Miller and finish in sixth place.

In the men’s event, Summerhill and Livermon were in a large group of 20 riders during the early stages of the race. Eventually, the group whittled down as some of the riders ran out of matches after losing contact on the technical sections. Summerhill managed to remain solid in the lead group of four and took home third place. Livermon wasn’t far behind, finishing in eighth place. Curtis White (Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld) took top honors at the end of the day.

“I’m happy to get a podium out of it and excited to see how the race evolves for next year. I believe it has the potential to be one of the greatest race courses in all of US cross racing,” Summerhill said after the race. “My Maxxis tires came through in a big way, providing ample grip in sloppy and slick conditions.”

Charm City Cross in Baltimore (October 8-9) will play host to the next race on the Maxxis-Shimano team schedule.

Summerhill podiums at Jingle Cross

IOWA CITY, Iowa – After a quick transition from the glitz of Las Vegas to the heart of the Corn Belt in Iowa, Team Maxxis – Shimano geared up once again for Volkswagen Jingle Cross, featuring the second World Cup of the 2016-17 season, Telenet UCI Cyclo-Cross World Cup held on Saturday the 24th at the Johnson City Fairgrounds.

The day prior to the World Cup, Danny Summerhill and Travis Livermon competed in the Jingle Cross C2 race while Crystal Anthony opted to sit out to rest for the World Cup the next day.

The team had a good night despite sticky, muddy course conditions. Summerhill finished in third place in a tight battle for the podium in a race won by Marcel Meisen (Steylaerts-Verona). Livermon was close behind, taking fifth place. He rode most of the race solo in sixth, but on the last lap four riders joined him, which made the charge for the line tough.

“The mud was super heavy, making us have to do pit stops twice a lap,” Livermon said. “The conditions also made for a fair bit of running.”

On the day of the World Cup, Anthony racked up another good result for her palmares, finishing 20th amongst the biggest names in the sport, but always looking to improve, Anthony said she wanted more after it was all done and dusted. Decorated cross rider Katie Compton took the overall win after four laps of racing under swelteringly hot conditions.

Livermon had another good World Cup showing claiming 36th place, but, like Anthony, said he was hoping for better legs after Cross Vegas. Suffering from a tired body, Summerhill finished in 44th place. Current world champion Wout van Aert notched another win at Jingle Cross, continuing his streak of being undefeated in the US for two years.

“It’s been a tough trip. Even though everything has gone smooth, and the bikes and equipment have been awesome, it’s a hard week of racing and travel,” Livermon said. “Maybe Danny and I could have had a better World Cup if we sat out Fridaynight, but I still think it was a good call to race. We are here to race and there was one, so we went for it.”

Next weekend, October starts off with KMC CrossFest in Thompson, Connecticut. This year, the race is on a larger stage than seen in previous years. Taking cues from both Belgium’s Circuit Zolder and the beloved Sea Otter race held on the Laguna Seca raceway, KMC is expanding significantly with a move to the Thompson Motor Speedway for 2016.

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Team takes on Cross Vegas

Livermon claims his best World Cup result to date

LAS VEGAS – The Maxxis-Shimano team held its own during Cross Vegas, the first World Cup race of the 2016 season, on September 23rd. Travis Livermon had a career best World Cup finish, finishing 26th out of a highly competitive and international field. He was the second American to finish after Jeremy Powers. Danny Summerhill finished mid-field in 33rd place and Crystal Anthony ended up in 27th place.

In both the women’s and men’s World Cup races, the start saw a big pack of riders clumped together for a good amount of time before the toll of the velcro-like grass splintered the race into smaller groups. This year the course had several changes but still the standout features were the soul-sucking grass, multiple dismounts per lap, and steep punchy hills.


Summerhill and Livermon came directly from Trek CXC the weekend prior, while Anthony flew home to work her teaching job Monday and Tuesday before flying to Vegas on Tuesday night.

“Because of the tight turnaround to the Jingle Cross World Cup in Iowa, the team had minimal set up for Vegas and had to be a bit more intentional about planning,” Anthony said.

The day before the race, Summerhill and Anthony went to the morning pre-ride at 9 a.m. to check out the course and get their legs opened up. Some of the things they looked at were riding vs. running the four sets of stairs, lines around the fast grass corners and the new uphill sand pit. Livermon opted to stay back at the hotel to rest.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and making sure things were in order for the race. The Maxxis-Shimano mechanics made sure all the bikes were in order, and Anthony’s boyfriend ran errands to get ice socks in case of heat, pre and post race food and did some pre-race massage.

“One key thing for travel weekends is to find a way to preserve your healthy routine on the road,” Anthony said. “I brought my Ninja blender to be able to make smoothies, and located the local Whole Foods, which is kind of like my version of the Hard Rock Cafe that everyone likes to visit in whatever city they are in.”

At the race, the team used the Feedback Sports tent with neutral trainers to warm up, and got a couple laps in on the course. The local news channel came over to interview Anthony while she was warming up on the trainer. The reporter asked what the sport of cyclocross was about, why you need to warm up, and what the hardest part of training for the sport was.

“The atmosphere at Vegas is electric and one of the most well-attended CX race by spectators,” Anthony said. “One of the appealing things about having World Cups in the US are the fans, who will cheer for everyone and contribute so much energy to the event.”

Team impresses at Trek CXC Cup

WATERLOO, Wisc. – The Maxxis-Shimano team continued to produce consistent results at the Trek CXC Cup in Waterloo, Wisconsin this past weekend. Travis Livermon, Danny Summerhill and Crystal Anthony all placed within the top 20, mixing it up with some of the best cyclocross riders in the world.

Livermon claimed 15th place in Saturday’s C2 race and Summerhill finished in 17thplace after a challenging first lap. French rider Steve Chainel (Cross Team By G4) was the day’s winner.
“I was much more comfortable racing this weekend,” Livermon said. “Sunday went much smoother for me, but the field was even stronger since several top guys sat out the first race.”

On Sunday, Livermon and Summerhill both finished in the top 20, taking 16th and 18th place, respectively. World champion Wout Van Aert (Crelan-Vastgoedservice Cycling) was the winner of the C1 race.

“In general it was a solid weekend, no mechanicals or flats, but hard and hot,” Summerhill said. “We’re going to keep building from this race forward throughout the season. There were a lot of good European riders at this race, which made it more competitive than usual. They’re here for the Vegas World Cup then Jingle Cross World Cup, so I hope to see more podiums once it gets back to be a mostly American field. That being said, every race we give it our all.”


In the pro women’s field, Anthony delivered another solid weekend of top 10 results for Maxxis-Shimano, taking an impressive sixth place on Saturday. Katie Compton (Trek Factory Racing) was the winner. Anthony said she thought the course, featuring new woods sections with tricky off cambers and tough run ups, played to her strengths.

“My legs are starting to come around, but I still feel I’m building up the speed,” Anthony said. “My results have been very consistent which is encouraging. I’m just hoping to find that last bit of speed as the season goes along. I felt strong both days, but Sunday I missed a pedal at the start and had to fight back from pretty far back in the field.”

Despite her start line misfortune, Anthony still finished a respectable seventh place out of a talented and stacked field that saw Kaitlin Antonneau (Cannondale Cyclocrossworld) come out on top.

After a long weekend of racing, it’s not a Maxxis-Shimano cross weekend without stopping at Red Robin for burgers, frozen custard and some decompressing time. Summerhill said the riders and mechanics have inadvertently created a new tradition, which all started at the Rochester Cup.
“Little did we know that we’d really look forward to going to this place after racing,” Summerhill said. “We’re going to have to find one after every race we go to now.”

Next on schedule for Maxxis-Shimano is the famed UCI World Cup Cliff Bar Cross Vegas. The event will be celebrating its 10th anniversary when the riders roll out on the 21st of September. Featuring aggressive racing and all the flair you’d expect from a race held in Las Vegas, this event is one of the most anticipated of the season by fans and competitors.

Summerhill takes third at Rochester Cyclocross

ROCHESTER, New York. – Decorated cyclocross rider Danny Summerhill nabbed third place on the second day of the Rochester Cyclocross UCI weekend at Gennesse Valley Park, successfully turning a disappointing finish on the previous day into a podium placing for the Maxxis-Shimano team.

At the conclusion of Saturday’s muggy C1 race, Travis Livermon finished in 13thplace, 2:02 minutes behind Jeremy Powers, who took victory both days. In the pro women’s field, Crystal Anthony had a strong race, claiming eighth, 1:50 down on winner Kaitlin Antonneau (Cannondale pb

“I definitely aim to improve as the season goes on,” Anthony said. “I had some good battles with other riders and was able to pick several off in the closing laps, which was a positive.”

Sunday’s C2 race was more of a typical day for the Maxxis-Shimano team. Pre-season nerves were mostly gone, and the temperature cooled giving the racers a welcome reprieve after Saturday’s humidity. This time, luck was on the side of all three riders.

“Day by day we’re figuring it out more and more,” Summerhill said. “Saturday’s race was a little weird with it being 90 degrees and the first race weekend. Of course we all had to work out the first-race race jitters. I’d say we’re taking it one race at a time. We learned a lot last year, so we’re rolling that knowledge over to this season.”

During the race, Summerhill led most of the way, keeping an eye on his nearest rivals Powers and Stephen Hyde, who would end up first and second, respectively.

Battling a stacked women’s field, Anthony had another solid ride to claim her second eighth place of the weekend. The Massachusetts native finished 1:08 behind race winner Caroline Mani (Raleigh Clement).

“On the team side of things it was great, smooth travel, new Parlee bikes were great, everything with the team was great,” said Livermon, who ended up in 15th, 1:05 off of the winner’s time. “I just didn’t have good legs. It takes me a couple races to settle in so I know I’ll continue to get better every week.”

Despite not having the legs he hoped for, Livermon was impressed with his new equipment. After racing on Maxxis tires for the first time, he enjoyed the cornering traction and how well they handled both the fast hard pack and technical seconds of the Rochester course.

“I am stoked we’re a part of the cross tire development with Maxxis,” Livermon said. They are definitely right on track and engineering exactly what we need out here.”

Summerhill added the Parlee Chebacco frames the team is riding this year are responsive and quick.

“The Parlees ride like a dream,” he said. “It’s awesome having a bike that does what you want it to do.”

Transitioning and bonding

For Summerhill, who also races road for UnitedHealthcare, preparing for cyclocross is different from the majority of his competitors. A few days ago, the Colorado native wrapped up the road season with the Tour of Alberta and said he’s using his “diesel” power gained from that race for cross.

“It seems like the cross schedule starts earlier and earlier every year, which for me makes the schedule and transitioning to a different discipline a bit easier,” said the Colorado native. “I’m not nearly as snappy coming out of the corners like some of the pure cross racers, but I have a lot of power from road racing. It’s a different style.”

But it’s not just about maintaining good form, the mental side of competing road then transitioning seamlessly into cross is important to monitor. This summer, Summerhill took a few short breaks from racing to recharge his batteries since an extended summer rest wasn’t an option.

“This is how our schedule looks during cross season,” Summerhill said. “We’re homeMonday, rest on Tuesday and ride on Wednesday. On Thursday, we’re traveling to our next race and by Friday, it’s time for intervals to open up our legs before heading into race weekend. We’re constantly on the go so it’s important to check in with yourself a lot.”

Despite the long race weekend and a hectic week ahead, the team made time to relax and bond over ice cream at Red Robin before heading home.

“It was a great trip,” Livermon said. “We all had fun together. It didn’t really feel like the first time working together. It’s great to be back working with (mechanic) Chris Kriedl. We spent a couple summers together road racing a few years back.”

Looking ahead, the team has its sights set on Waterloo, Wisconsin next weekend for the Trek CXC Cup where Anthony hopes to defend last year’s win.


Photos: Ethan Glading

Introducing the 2016/17 Maxxis-Shimano Cyclocross team

Season kicks off this weekend in Rochester, New York

Momentum Sports Group, LLC is proud to announce its 2016/17 Maxxis-Shimano cyclocross team, featuring three of the most talented, competitive and versatile riders on the U.S. scene. Returning to the team is seasoned cross racer Danny Summerhill, who will join new additions Crystal Anthony and Travis Livermon for a full calendar of racing kicking off this weekend in New York.

Looking ahead to the season, the Maxxis-Shimano trio is staring down a truly tough and diverse calendar. Racing kicks off as the dying embers of summer give way to mid-September with the Rochester Cyclocross event in upstate New York onSeptember 10th and 11th. New for the UCI event in 2016 will be a shift in venue to the Gennesse Valley Park – an 800+ acre locale featuring some “rolling pastoral fields.” 3490 meters long, the race features a tricky Belgian staircase right before the finish.

“This is always a hard race on the nerves, being the first race of the year.” says Livermon. “It’s a new venue this year so that adds even more uncertainty plus they are forecasting hot weather and possibly a muddy course.”

From there the action shifts to Waterloo, WI for the Trek CXC Cup where last year Anthony took the top step of the podium after dominating the day’s racing.

“I got a gap on the first lap through one of the technical sections,” Anthony said. “I just attacked from there before I really knew what I was doing. I had 15 seconds and thought that was worth going for it and just tried to ride my race. It worked out well!”

The famed UCI World Cup event that is Cliff Bar Cross Vegas will be celebrating its 10th anniversary when the riders roll out on the 21st of September.  Featuring aggressive racing and all the flair you’d expect from a race held in Las Vegas, this event is one of the most anticipated of the season by fans and competitors like veteran Summerhill.

“Cross Vegas is going to be one of the hardest race of the season, as it has been in all the years past. The course is basically like riding through wet concrete and totally zaps your legs of power and energy. The race is a World Cup again this year and that also adds a bit of excitement because it brings so many more European racers to America.”

Following all the glitzy desert action, the cyclocross community will see a near 20-degree dip in temperatures when they arrive in Iowa City, Iowa a few days later for the Jingle Cross World Cup event.

October starts off with KMC CrossFest in Thompson, Connecticut on a larger stage than the event has seen in previous years. Taking cues from both Belgium’s Circuit Zolder and the beloved Sea Otter race held on the Laguna Seca raceway, KMC is expanding significantly with a move to the Thompson Motor Speedway for 2016. Charm City Cross in Baltimore, and the CRAFT SPORTSWEAR Grand Prix of Gloucester follow.

“(Gloucester) is another iconic race in the U.S.,” says Livermon. “It may seem crazy but I’m hoping for rain this year. It’s been dry and dusty every time I’ve raced it and those conditions are very hard to deal with. But either way, I’m looking forward to spending time at the awesome venue.”

The Pan American Continental Cyclocross Championships in Covington, Kentucky and Cincinnati Kings Cross in Mason, OH close out the month of October and then without much time for respite, the riders head into Louisville for the Derby City Cup on the 5th and 6th of November.

“One of my favorite races of the season is the Louisville weekend…probably because I’ve raced there so many years in a row.” says Summerhill. “I pretty much have a second family that I can count on anytime I’m in Kentucky. It has one of the most fun race atmospheres to (experience) and I wouldn’t miss it for anything.”

Racing shifts further west at the beginning of December for the Ruts ‘n Guts event in Broken Arrow, OK and then heads back east for North Carolina Grand Prix in Hendersonville, NC. Having lost last year to his future teammate Summerville, Travis Livermon hopes that he’ll see the top step of the podium in 2016.

“Being from NC and having many friends in the Asheville area makes this feel like a hometown race,” Livermon says. “I’ve been second the past four times I’ve raced it, and it really eats at me that I’ve never won. I’m working hard to try and make sure this is finally the year. Having Danny as my teammate makes that a bit more tricky though!”

With Summerhill and Anthony both hoping to repeat their 2015 wins in Hendersonville, this event could turn into a fantastic success for the Maxxis-Shimano squad and a great way to lead into the USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships in Hartford Connecticut once the calendar clicks over into 2017 a few weeks later.

“I’m psyched to have Nationals in New England and close to home,” Massachusetts native Anthony says. “New England is a powerhouse for cyclocross in terms of producing strong riders and (generating) huge local participation. I can’t wait to see what they put together.”

That anticipation is the type sentiment that the Maxxis-Shimano squad will be sure to carry with them to each one of the start lines that they roll up to during the coming season.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the invaluable support of our sponsors. Co-title sponsor Maxxis will once again be returning to support the team for the 2016/17 season. Sharing the co-title is Shimano, providing the team with state-of-the-art components, wheels and shoes. The team is riding on Parlee Chebacco frames equipped with PRO saddles, seat posts, handlebars and bar tape, stems and accessories. Smith is outfitting the riders with Overtake helmets and both race and casual optics. A new sponsor for this season is custom cycling apparel company Jakroo and Feedback Sports, providing mechanic work stands and Omnium trainers. Other returning sponsors include sock suppliers Swiftwick, Kogel Bearings, kinesiology tape company Rocktape and last but not least, UnitedHealthcare.

Travis Livermon

Travis Livermon

It’s easy to think of a young Travis Livermon plowing through the swampy terrain of Eastern North Carolina when you see him in the thick of a modern day cyclocross event. The former Single-Speed Mountain Bike National Champion and current member of the Astellas Professional Cycling Road team has a passion for cycling that clearly spans many disciplines within the sport.

Crystal Anthony

Crystal Anthony

Middle school teacher by day, cyclocross warrior once the bell rings. That’s what life is like for Crystal Anthony who joins the Maxxis-Shimano cyclocross team for the 2016/17 season.

2016/17 Race Calendar

· Rochester Cyclocross  – Rochester, NY  – September 10-11
· Trek CXC Cup  – Waterloo, WI  – September 17-18
· Cliff Bar Cross Vegas UCI World Cup  – Las Vegas, NV  – September 21
· Jingle Cross  – Iowa City, IA  – September 23 and 25
· Jingle Cross UCI World Cup  – Iowa City, IA  – September 24
· KMC Cyclocross Festival  – Providence, RI  – October 1-2
· Charm City Cross  – Baltimore, MD  – October 8-9
· CRAFT Grand Prix of Gloucester  – Gloucester, MA  – October 15-16
· Pan American Continental Cyclocross Championships – Covington, KY – October 29
· Cincinnati Kings Cross  – Mason, OH  – October 30
· Derby City Cup  – Louisville, KY  – November 5-6
· Ruts ‘n Guts  – Broken Arrow, OK  – December 3-4
· North Carolina Grand Prix  – Hendersonville, NC  – December 10-11
· USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships  – Hartford, CT  – January 8

Team Maxxis-Shimano Completes Debut Cyclocross Season with Top-10 Finish at USA Cycling National Championships

Asheville, NC, provides fitting finale to the program’s first season.

The 2015-2016 Cyclocross Season came to a close this past weekend with the USA Cycling National Cyclocross Championships in Asheville, North Carolina. Yannick Eckmann led the team’s results, with an impressive 9th place in the Elite Men’s field. For Eckmann, the result was validation of a season of hard work and improvement. After a slow start to the ‘cross season, where he struggled to break the top-20, Eckmann worked to improve focus and condition in the later half of the season to prepare for the national championships.

With a second row starting position, Eckmann had to battle to get towards the front of the race, “I had a couple of small mishaps on the first lap, but after that I fought back strongly into the top 10.” As riders began to tire on the challenging course, Eckmann stayed focused and moved steadily through the field, “Towards the end I found a good rhythm again and just kept pushing forward and started to close some gaps to the riders in front of me,” Eckmann continued. The determination paid off, as Eckmann crossed the line in 9th, a standout performance for the rider against the best in the United States. Teammate Danny Summerhill finished just a handful of positions back, in 17th. In the women’s field, Erica Zaveta also claimed a solid 17th place, with teammate Cari Higgins further back, but showing great promise and progress as a first-year cyclocross racer at the top level of American competition.

“The support team was the deciding factor in today’s race. The equipment was flawless and I could focus on just racing” – Yannick Eckmann

The historic Biltmore Estate outside of Asheville provided a fitting venue for the championship race. The course was widely heralded as the most entertaining and challenging track ever seen in the USA, and with slick conditions, the terrain was a worthy battleground for the fierce competition.

The Maxxis-Shimano Professional Cyclocross Team was launched in September of 2015, by Momentum Sports Group, as a tool to promote the valuable team sponsors and partners involved with the program. In their first season of racing, the program earned consistently impressive results, including back-to-back wins by Danny Summerhill at the North Carolina Grand Prix of Cyclocross.

  • Danny Summerhill

    "My season highlight was winning back-to-back races at the North Carolina Grand Prix. Racing with a fully supported team made this season extra special!"

    Danny Summerhill
  • Erica Zaveta

    "Having my two Parlee bikes to race each day made a huge difference in my season. I could compete knowing that the bike and my equipment was totally dialed. The team's support really pushed my racing to the next level this year."

    Erica Zaveta
  • Cari Higgins

    "For a first year-team and a first-year cyclocross racer, I have been spoiled by the outstanding equipment and support. Having Parlee, Shimano, and Maxxis as sponsors for this team was incredible! And, for me, the mentorship from my teammates was the defining factor on making this year a success."

    Cari Higgins
  • Yannick Eckmann

    "My season highlight was racing into the top 10 at USA National Championships! I worked hard for it, but I couldn't have done it without the support of the team through the season."

    Yannick Eckmann

Coming Up Next!

For the riders of the Maxxis-Shimano Professional Cyclocross Team, attention now turns to the 2016 road racing season. Danny Summerhill and Cari Higgins will continue with the UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team on the road, also owned and managed by Momentum Sports Group. Erica Zaveta and Yannick Eckmann will also race on the road in 2016, before hitting the dirt again in September for the start of the North American cyclocross season. To follow the UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team on the road in 2016, click here.

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