Travis Livermon

It’s easy to think of a young Travis Livermon plowing through the swampy terrain of Eastern North Carolina when you see him in the thick of a modern day cyclocross event. The former Single-Speed Mountain Bike National Champion and current member of the Astellas Professional Cycling Road team has a passion for cycling that clearly spans many disciplines within the sport.

Livermon still calls North Carolina home, spending most of his time off the bike in the city of Winston-Salem, which is home to his favorite non-cyclocross event, the Winston-Salem Cycling Classic. An RC car enthusiast, Livermon also enjoys tinkering with his old truck and hanging with his beloved dog Booger.

In 2010 Livermon got into a nasty tangle with a gate at Cross Vegas and came away with a broken collarbone, but has since progressed steadily up the cyclocross food chain with wins at the North Carolina state championships in 2013 and at the Kingsport Cyclocross Cup held in Tennessee in 2015. In 2016, Livermon even picked up a stage win at the third edition of the Grand Prix Cycliste de Saguenay in Quebec, Canada.

Livermon wound up taking 8th at Cyclocross Nationals in January of 2016, and overall notched a top 10 slot in the 2015/16 USA Cycling Professional Cyclocross Calendar, following several top 10 results. As he climbs aboard the Maxxis-Shimano train for the coming season, Livermon is looking forward to doing well both home and abroad.

Crystal Anthony

Middle school teacher by day, cyclocross warrior once the bell rings. That’s what life is like for Crystal Anthony who joins the Maxxis-Shimano cyclocross team for the 2016/17 season.

Crystal grew up in a cycling family and still regularly trains with her brothers Josh and Jesse. Growing up in Boston, Crystal began to compete in college. With a Masters of Education from Harvard and a teaching career underway she eventually began to revisit cyclocross. By 2014 she had scored a 4th place at Nationals and a berth as a member of the US World Championship Cyclocross team on three separate occasions.

“Cross is a sport that continues to draw me to it both because of the people involved and the challenges of the sport. Every course and race presents a new challenge. I like that it requires a unique mix of everything: fitness, bike handling, adaptability, tactics, and strategy; you don’t have time to think, you need instincts. It’s a rare mixture of everything in one sport.”

Crystal is looking forward to racing the CRAFT Grand Prix of Gloucester, which is close to home and joins the Maxxis-Shimano team with a special affinity for the Parlee Chebacco bikes the squad will be on for the 2016 season.

“(I’m) super excited to be representing Parlee, which is a bike company from my hometown.”